It's that time... mid-term elections.  The most important thing to get out and vote.  Make sure that you are participating in your American given right to vote for what you believe in, and who you think should be in any particular office.


The thing that I don't care for right now that has been happening on social media, and even just general people by word of mouth, is the shaming others to vote the way you want them to.  And if you don't- then you are a horrible person.  Everyone is blaming the other side when it comes to whatever the issue is that you want to be different.  I haven't seen it this bad in my whole life.  Maybe I just wasn't paying as much attention as I am now, maybe it's because of the profession I am in, or maybe it's just the climate.  But wow!  It seems like if you don't agree with whomever you are talking to, you should be locked up or something.


I would really like it to go back to the way it was before... vote what you believe... feel good about your vote however it is that you voted, and be glad that you have that right.  May the best person win!  Click to find out where your polling place is.  

Above all- make sure you VOTE!!!

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