It's Friday.  That means Free Beer Friday, of course, and also it generally brings in Johnny U and his lame jokes.  Hence being also referred to as "Lame Joke Friday".  And it really is just that.


Every week we hope that he will actually bring in some decent jokes that will have us belly laughing.   To tell you the truth, I'd settle for just something that would make us chuckle a bit.  But week after week he brings in jokes that kind of suck to be completely honest.

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Although, I will say that 2 week ago, we really did kind of laugh.  And guess what, those jokes were given to him from someone else.  And on top of it, they were jokes that were kind of on the "edgey" side.  So, maybe that would be  the ticket. Keep going with that sort of train.  But, even though he did get some laughs that time... do you think that he would get a clue?  Apparently not.  Or, he might actually think that these jokes that he brings in week after week are actually good.  We beg to differ.  But maybe you will find them funny.  We could be wrong after all. Not likely, but we could be.

Check them out...

I guess the second one could be considered on the "edgy" side.  Right?  It's possible.

Anyway, if you found them funny... good for you. Each Friday John comes in and gives us a couple of his jokes.  We personally think he should stick to his "day job" but this continues.  Every Friday at about 7:35am.  So, tune in next week and judge away.

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