This is the coldest it's been in over 20 years.  And to make things seem even worse, it's actually warmer at the South Pole- Antarctica.  Not by much... but still.  Although in all fairness, it is their "Summer".  So there is that.


I'm not sure why EVERYTHING except things like grocery stores and gas stations aren't all closed today.  It's crazy cold out. My car felt like I was driving an ice box to work.  At least my car started this morning.  Some others weren't so lucky.  And I say lucky with maybe not actually meaning lucky.

Here at the cancellations for today. Obviously schools are all closed today.  And mail delivery/pick-up has been suspended for a day.  But there are some businesses on here, and I'm sure more will be added to the list.  Or they will most likely be closing early.


Stay in and stay warm, peeps!  Good Netflix, cleaning out closets, and spending time indoors day.  Enjoy the warm indoors!

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