This is something that I wish I would have thought of.  And I LOVE tacos.  How could I not think of this before?

Westchester Festival Caters To Latino Immigrants
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First, you need to define the issue- everything falls out of a taco unless it's under filled.  It might be lettuce, the cheese, tomatoes, or sometimes even the meat.  There is going to be some sort of squish factor.  Might be because you turn it on it's side.... there are solutions.

I like the idea of mixing the filling together.  The meat on top might be a little weird.  But whatever you decide to do... know that up until now, you were eating it wrong.  There is a science to eating tacos just the right way.  And I am perfectly happy to be a tester to figure out the best way to eat a taco.  Because... tacos!




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