The internet has changed our world in many great ways, but we've also lost the art of enjoying everything around us. How long has it been since you've done any of these things?

According to Only In Your State, these are some of the diminished activities that are not enjoyed nearly as much since the internet came along. Has your family done any of these Minnesota activities lately since the internet came into your household?

  • Taken the kayaks out on Lake George? Sure you may head up to the lake or cabin, but do you find your kids outside and enjoying the lake as much?
  • Reading books the old way? Many books are still read, but have you switched to e-books now? Try picking up the old fashioned paper books once in a while at the Great River Regional Library in St. Cloud, it feels great!
  • Head out to SummerLand in St. Cloud, or the swimming holes in Waite Park? There are tons of swimming destinations in Minnesota that can be enjoyed year-round. Have you found it easier to let your kid(s) just focus on their online gaming, rather than head out to a pool weekly over the summer break?
  • Hiking at Lake Maria State Park near Clearwater? Miles of hiking trails, including camping and horseback trails. Even cross country skiing for the winter!

These are some of my favorites from the list as well as not on their list. Be sure to take a look at their full list, hopefully you'll get some inspiration to step away from the digital world once in a while. Be sure and comment below with some things you stopped doing since the internet came along and I'll update this story with your comments!