I got kind of a late start in the radio business. I was 30 when I landed my first on air radio job. After 12 years as bartender, my then wife (training wife) insisted I get a job that consisted of less partying and not working with scantily clad cocktail waitresses. I should have seen the end to that marriage coming.

I'd always been facinated by the "magic" of radio. So, I pursued the opportunity to hang from the bottom rung on the ladder of show biz. I worked at a few stations in Fargo, several years in Orlando, Florida and about 16 years (so far) on the air here in St Cloud.


The first thing I learned about morning radio was 4 AM is a totlly unnatural time to haul my butt out of bed. The person that gave me my first morning radio gig assured me that I would get used to rising at such an ridiculous hour.  Well, they lied.

Other things I learned were that famous people are just like everybody else, nothing lasts forever, especially a radio job. Naps rock, making people laugh in the morning is a great public service and finally, being on the radio definitely beats working for a living.

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