Beer throw you off a bit???  Oh well. It's refreshing!

So I get here.... and there are a ton of things that are different!!!  I mean, I know it's been 9 years, but I have been here every year, you know, for the holidays.  Apparently I don't get out much, or at least enough.

I'm driving down Division and I'm noticing.... what happened to Lake George???  You can't even make a left turn there anymore!!!  What happened to the DQ on 25th?????  I get a little further, and what happened to McMillians?????  AND there is a Kwik Trip on like every corner, not that I mind, but wow!!! Downtown has changed A LOT too!  Bars that I used to go to are literally gone... or just different.

And there are two, count 'em 2, Chipotle restaurants!!!  I like that.

Things are definitely changing!  I just need to learn my town a bit more again.  And obviously I need to get out more too!!!

Beer anyone????

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