First of all, I would be jumping up and down, probably shaking a bit and wondering if this was even real.  It would be super hard not to call all my family and friends and let them know, screaming my news with excitement.

BUT that would almost be the worst thing to do, right?  I mean, this is up to almost a BILLION dollars!  Billion... with a B!!  I can't even fathom that much money.  I think about things that I would do, like pay off everything, the house, cars, any other debt that we have... that wouldn't even put the slightest dent in that amount of cash.  Even if you take the cash payout and it's significantly less, still wouldn't put that much of a dent in that wealth.


I guess the thing to do would be to NOT tell much of anyone.  Get a financial planner, change your phone number, get a P.O. Box, maybe move too.  Once the word gets out, you will probably be inundated with calls, visits, etc with people and organizations wanting money.  The other thing to worry about is people... bad people possibly doing bad things to your family.  Way to take this to a negative place, but that could potentially be a concern.

Maybe it's not so good to win the lottery.... Nahhhhh I'd still love to win!  Good Luck!

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