This year, up until this week, basically, it has been fairly mild.  There have been a few colder days, but really it hasn't been too bad.  This week January showed up.  If you are someone who loves winter sports, like snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, etc, you are in luck!  Heading into this weekend it looks like you aren't going to have to drive to the snow.  It's going to be right here in your back yard.

Snow drifts in winter
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But, like last year, we really didn't get a whole lot of snow in the beginning of the season.  Last year snow didn't really show up too much until like February.  Then it just didn't seem to want to stop.  By the beginning of May when we got hit again, we were all ready for Spring.  Then when Summer did show up, it seemed to be raining at least 50-60% of the time. Not sure that is completely accurate, but it seemed like that.  Either it was raining or it was cold.  They say this change is from Climate Change. 

This year we are getting our first predicted snow event... well, at least a snow event that is significant.  They have gotten a lot more in other parts of the state, but right here in Central Minnesota, it really hasn't been a ton.  I've honestly been ok with that, too.  But here we go.  Friday into Saturday looks to be anywhere up to 8 inches, and maybe more in some parts.  Yay me.  I don't mean to sound negative... but if it could just stay off the roads I'd be good with it.  Can we make that happen?  No?  Bummer....

But, as they say... it's a Minnesota Winter.  It is what it is, and enjoy it.

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