If you've never had a car stolen, you don't know how violated it can make you feel.  To walk out where you parked your car, only to find it gone, is a terrible feeling.

Granted, I've had cars that I wished someone would steal. Once I had a car in Houston that I was having trouble selling. A security guard at the place I worked, offered to make my car "disappear".  I asked, what do you mean, disappear?  He said for $300 he could make my car disappear and no one would ever find it.

I wouldn't fair well in prison and in Houston if your car is stolen, the insurance companies make you take a lie detector test before paying on your claim.

You would think that a certain model of vehicle that would be stolen the most often would be nice sports cars or decked out luxury cars, but you'd be wrong.

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It's not the nice expensive or exotic cars that get stolen the most. Not the F-150, or the Suburban type vehicles. It's none other than the Honda Civic. Not just any Honda Civic. The 2000 Honda Civic was the most stolen car in Minnesota in 2019, according to The Hot Wheels Report from the Natiional Insurance Crime Bureau. 

If fact, Hondas seem to be very popular among car thieves. The Honda Accord is the #2 most stolen and the Honda CRV came in at #3. Rounding off the top 5 were Chevy's Full Size pick-up at #4 and Toyota's Full Size pick-up was #5.

Their are like a million Hondas cruising around, so maybe it's because they just blend in and don't attract much attention.

(National Insurance Crime Bureau)

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