How embarrassing... first you have an alcohol violation, then you are trying to better yourself, hopefully, and now you are stuck with "whiskey plates" like you are on a stage for all to see thinking that you are a "drunk".  That's what thoughts go through a lot of people's heads when they see someone with the so-called whiskey plates.

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Now this is a new bill being introduced that could get rid of those plates.

Senator Ron Latz (D) District 46, said he introduced a bill to get rid of these whiskey plates, because he said they don't serve a public safety function anymore.

"The original thought was that if you give them whiskey plates, law enforcement would recognize them on the road with a DWI history," Latz said. However, he said the state's Supreme Court ruling in 2003 changed that for good, when it said it was unconstitutional for officers to pull over drivers solely because they had whiskey plates. Driving a car with whiskey plates itself is not a violation of any law.

Basically having the whiskey plates is kind of like driving around with a scarlet letter. It's embarrassing.  And even though the person with the plates has obviously done something wrong...very wrong...but should they be put on a stage for it?

You can see an entire interview that Kare 11 did here. 

We will see how this bill goes.