Maybe it's always been this way but I tend to think otherwise. Every morning I turn on the Minneapolis news and rarely is there not a shooting that happened overnight. And it seems to be happening everywhere.

To tell the truth, I can't even keep track of the mass shootings around the country. It seems that just about every day, EVERY DAY, there is a shooting somewhere in the country.

Just this past weekend, St Cloud State lost a long time professor to what police called a "random" shooting.  Dr. Edward Ward, a 68 year old professor at SCSU since 1990 was gunned down standing in the doorway of his home early Sunday morning. A 45 year old suspect from Duluth was arrested in the shooting.

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There may be more to the story but it sounds to me like just another senseless shooting.

You see it on the news constantly.  People just shooting into crowds for no apparent reason. Such a disregard for human life.  Shooting into cars on the freeways and killing innocent kids.  It's all just totally senseless!

I rent an apartment down by SCSU and last week I was talking to my neighbor. He told me that the week before he was out for a walk, in broad daylight, and 3 guys approached him and told him to empty his pockets or they'd beat the sh*t out of him.  He happened to be carrying a gun and was able to scare the would be muggers off.

People getting violent over having to wear a mask in place of business or even on airplanes.  I guess they'd rather wear a orange jumpsuit instead. Once again, senseless!

What could be the reason for this rise in violence?  I don't have the answer but somehow we need to put a stop to this crap.

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