It never fails. I forget to put my socks on before I go to bed and I'm too lazy to get back out of bed to do it. Then, I end up with a miserable nights sleep because my feet were freezing all night long. Thus, that was my story last night while I had my pet sleeping party with my cat Mr. Bean, Miss Pneuma and my dog Miss Gloria.

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Why do we get cold feet? I mean, I get it if you have a medical condition. But in general, I've had cold feet since I was a kid. Is it hereditary? Is it that I'm too tall and blood can't reach my feet? It makes it there sometimes? Or is it because I live in Minnesota?


According to "The Barefoot Scientist," there are several ways you can warm up those tootsie's for a good nights sleep, but you have to be careful. Wearing slippers or socks around the house CAN be a good thing, but if they are too tight, it might make things worse. Tight socks and slippers can restrict circulation, which will make things worse.

The also recommend what I normally do; either take a bath or a footbath before bed. Warm water can help warm your feet 25 times faster than air, so a nice warm footbath before bed, and you'll be sleeping like a baby. That is, as long as you dry them and put on some nice comfy 'not too tight' socks before you go to bed.

There are those times though, when even a warm footbath doesn't help. In this case, keep a heating pad or warm water bottle close by, as putting them at the end of your bed can heat your feet right up. Maybe even so much that you'll start throwing the covers on the floor.



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