The midterm elections may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the country is done talking about them. Of course, both of the two primary political parties will spend the next couple of weeks either gloating or moaning depending on which party won where, but one thing is for certain – both of them will openly criticize the people who DIDN’T vote.

Why? Because if they happened to be the party who lost, they will ultimately end up blaming all of the people who sat the election out, since all of those un-cast ballots could’ve potentially won them the election. Not to mention, if you happen to have any disagreements with the current establishment and happened not to vote, you’ll be met with the stereotypical “You can’t complain if you didn’t vote!” argument.

This, dear reader, is a nonsensical position. If someone did vote, and helped a candidate rise to power who ultimately ends up attempting to pass legislation that isn’t in the best interest of the people, then it could just as easily be asserted that the reason the country/state is in a financial or moral mess is because they DID vote.

Now personally, I did vote, but I certainly don’t blame people who didn’t. Some people feel like they’re being made to choose between the lesser of two evils and they’re sick of playing the game. That doesn’t mean they forfeit their right to openly criticize the establishment. Maybe they don’t agree with either side, and that’s why it’s perfectly fine if you didn’t vote.

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