This would be horrifying.  This guy took a picture of his wife while she was asleep and snoring while they were on a plane.  If this wasn't bad enough.  I mean, I would be mortified if my husband did this, and posted it.  That's awful.  But this guy took it a step further.  He got that same image TATTOOED on his arm!!!!


Here is the best (worst) part of this whole thing.  Apparently the couple is a pair of pranksters.  She gave him a crappy haircut.  And this was his revenge.  Really???  The first one was just hair.  It will grow back. The tattoo is a bit more permanent.  Unless you have it painfully removed.  And why would he think this would be the best prank?  I'm not sure which is worse... he has a horrible tattoo, or the fact that it's his wife in a very unflattering picture?  Both are bad.

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What would you do if your husband did something like this?

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