Will A.I. Be Friend Or Foe?

Oli Scarff, Getty Images

Artificial Intelligence has been the topic of endless science fiction films and conspiracy theories, but scary enough, we are approaching a time in human history when A.I. will come to fruition in reality. Naturally, most of us find this simultaneously alarming, and intriguing. Will our technological counterparts aid us in everyday living, or will they eventually pose a threat to mankind? Let’s explore the outcomes a little further.


Outcome #1: A.I. Will Serve Mankind


For obvious reasons, this seems on the surface to be the most desirable outcome. However, I happen to think it has some rather depressing implications. Why, you ask? Firstly, because A.I. could potentially take over an astounding number of jobs that people currently do. There’s a fair chance that actual human beings could have a difficult time financially surviving when there’s no employment. And secondly, if A.I. does everything for us, is there any real reason to get out of bed in the morning? Any reason for us to strive to better ourselves? Part of the joy of being human is the struggle. It takes time and effort to achieve anything in life, and that’s exactly why achievement is rewarding. If everything in the future will be handed to us, mankind will have no purpose.


Outcome #2: A.I. Will Turn Against Us


Oh yes - the age old tale of humans vs. robots. Our second option seems rather bleak initially. Should A.I. ever initiate a war on our species, we’re in serious trouble. Theoretically, they would have superior weapons and skills to threaten us with, and mankind’s doom would seem inevitable. But never fear, I have a simple solution. This is gonna blow your mind. Are you ready? Okay. Throw a cup of water on them. Problem solved. Then, when all of our robots and technology are destroyed, we’ll be forced to work together to rebuild civilization, and the human to human contact that was lost in the age of smart phones and advanced technology will be restored.


If you follow both outcomes through to their final conclusions, outcome #2 might actually be better for the human race. Ironic, huh? They should’ve hired me to write for “The Twilight Zone.”

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