As usual, Medina Entertainment Center is bringing in the bands rapid fire like. Winger and lita Ford are scheduled to play Saturday, March 9th at Medina.


Kip Winger went from playing bass for Alice Cooper to fronting his own band in the late 80's hair band era. Hits like, "Seventeen", "Headed for a Heartbreak", "Miles away" and "Easy Come, Easy Go".

Lita Ford getting her start with The Runaways, featuring Lita and Joan Jett. Lita Ford put on a great show at Moondance last Summer and make no mistake about it, she can rock.


She happened to be staying at the same hotel as Laura and me in Walker.  I've always had a thing for Lita, so I was hoping to run into her in the hotel but to no avail. I'm waiting for Laura one day to come down from her room so we could go to the concert grounds. She came out of the hotel and told me she was in the elevator with Lita. Damn, just missed her.

Tickets are on sale for this show and as always, the Loon will be giving away tickets before the show.

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