I really hope whatever judge presides over this case throws the book at this subhuman. Raylean Gurneau, 26 is facing 6 charges, 3 of them being fleeing a police officer, animal cruelty and making a fake emergency call.

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Two of the charges, fleeing a police officer and making a fake emergency call pale in comparison, in my opinion, to tossing a defenseless puppy out of a truck window while going over 60 MPH. Unforgivable!

Although the puppy, named Taho, initially survived after the January police chase, it had to be put down in April due to it's injuries.

It all started, according to cbsnews.com, when Ramsey County Sheriff's deputies were engaged in a chase of 2 suspects, one being Raylean Gurneau, in a stolen truck through Arden Hills on Interstate 694. During the chase the puppy was tossed out the window of the truck going over 60 MPH.

The making a fake emergency charge is from when Gurneau allegedly called 911 to report a carjacking, hoping that would divert authorities away from the chase.

The truck was eventually stopped by police using the PIT maneuver and Gurneau was administered Narcan after showing signs of an overdose and transported to the hospital.

Gurneau recently entered a plea of not guilty.

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