It's the holiday season. The time for lots of parties, whether it's work related or just a party at a friend's house.  There are things to not do, no matter what party you are going to.

5 Signs You Are Obsessed With the Holiday Season

My biggest thing is arriving when you've been invited.  Don't arrive early.  If you have been invited for 7pm, it is expected to arrive at 7 or within 15 minutes afterwards. NOT earlier than the invited time.  Arriving early is one of the things on the "don't do" list.

Another one of my pet peeves is complaining about the provided food or drinks.  If you want something specific to drink, the best thing is to bring that certain something with you to the party.  This is also one of the "worst things to do" at a party.

Here is the rest of the list:

  1. Show up ill: 36 percent
  2. Ask for a food or drink that isn’t out: 33 percent
  3. Be the last one to leave: 33 percent
  4. Get too drunk: 33 percent
  5. Show up early: 32 percent
  6. Be on their phone all night: 30 percent
  7. Launch into politics: 29 percent
  8. Not RSVP to invite: 28 percent
  9. Spill drink/food: 27 percent
  10. Not bring food: 26 percent

Apparently showing up sick is the worst thing you can do... I think it depends on the sickness.  But really, why would you want to go to a party when you're sick?

Alternately, here are the worst thngs you can do if you are hosting the party:

  1. Wait too long to serve food/drinks: 39 percent
  2. Ask me to mingle: 34 percent
  3. Only serve food with dairy/gluten etc.: 34 percent
  4. Clean too early: 32 percent
  5. Get drunk: 30 percent
  6. Cancel the party same day: 30 percent
  7. Apologize too much: 30 percent
  8. Rush everybody out the door: 29 percent
  9. Try too hard to be accommodating: 27 percent
  10. Not play music 26 percent

Number three gets me... just because you have an issue, doesn't mean everyone else does.  Have a variety of things... with the gluten free option.  Many times people who have a gluten allergy or some other allergy will bring things themselves to make sure they have something to eat.  Or- just ask those people what would be a good option for them.  Easy.




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