The presidential election is coming up in November.  And this year we have a repeat of the 2020 election.  As we all know, much controversy surrounding both of the nominees.  There are issues with both of them.  I have heard people saying they are planning to vote for the "lesser of two evils" or they say that they don't like the way the country has been run in the last 4 years and want to go back to the previous 4 years.  There has also been issues with both of their ages, and health and congnitive issues.

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Basically, there are issues whichever way you go.

So, there is a guy in Texas who is taking things into his own hands and has legally changed his name in order to run for president.

This guy is going to try and win over people who have been undecided.  And that amount (according to the primaries) adds up to about 30+% of people.

He has changed his name to "Literally Anybody Else".  Apparently the judge wasn't happy with this name change, but finally signed off on the name change.  Then "Mr. Else" had to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission in order to actually have his name added to the ballot as an Independent. But that is only in Texas.  People in other states, like Minnesota, would have to vote for him as a write in candidate.

"I'm not delusional. This will be very hard to do, but it's not impossible. My hope is to have Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and then Literally Anybody Else right underneath," Mr. Else

said. "I really want there to be an outlet for folks like me who are just so fed up with this constant power grab between two parties that has no benefit for the common person." 

So the honest answer is that he will not win.  Has there ever been a third candidate who has actually won the presidential election? No.  The closest anyone has come to winning, and it was a far cry from winning, was Ross Perot.

As a candidate, Perot won nearly 20 million votes, or 19 percent overall. It was the strongest third-party showing since 1912, and many believe that his candidacy permanently changed how we discuss the federal deficit.

So, he might get some votes here and there.  Mostly he's trying to prove a point, but all that will happen is pull votes from the other two, and won't win.  But it might be interesting to see how he does.  Would you vote for him?

By the way, sounds like he will go right back to his actual name after the election.  His name prior to this change was Dustin Ebey.

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