I actually really love escape rooms.  They are fun.  Even though I was super hesitant to try these things because of my sometimes feeling of claustrophobia, I tried it anyway.  No sense of claustrophobia.  In fact, I think because you are trying to solve the problems as a group, it takes your mind off of any sort of trapped feeling you may have.  At lease it does with me.

8. The Look of the Tethered

But this escape deal is something I don't think I would try.  I mean honestly, let's just lay it out there- hell to the NO!  It's an escape room with an added twist of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th chasing you.  Uhhhh.... let me think for just a second.  NOPE!!!

But if you feel adventurous, give it a go.  But you will have to travel to Arizona to do it, until it takes off and they expand it to other states, which I'm sure will probably happen.


If you are interested in some escape rooms there are some right here in St. Cloud.  St Cloud Escape Rooms, and  Riddlers Escape Room.  

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