They're baaaacck!  Spicy chicken nuggets are coming back to Wendy's.  So, if you remember the last time they were around and would love to see them back.. your time is coming in August.

 Starting August 19th, the Spicy Chicken Nuggets are back at all participating Wendy's restaurants.  They had this to say...

To all those who care about spicy chicken nuggets as much as we do, mark your calendars: Wendy's will carry the glorious, hot little nuggs once again starting August 19. Following a tweet by Chance the Rapper and a wild 2 million likes in less than 48 hours, Wendy's is giving the people what they want.

55 days to go—ARE. YOU. READY?!

So, I guess mark your calendar if this is something you really want.  How spicy are they, by the way?  I like spicy food, generally, but I also don't want something so spicy that it's difficult to eat and I start to sweat,  You know what I'm talking about, right?

But- here's to August and getting your "spice" back.