Just ran across this story.  And what the actual F*** is/was going on with these people?

Historic Trust Releases List Of Most Endangered US Places

This happened in Oklahoma.  Police pulled over a couple driving a stolen car.  The fact that the car was stolen isn't even the big part of the story.  it's what they found IN the car... besides the people... that is of interest.

First- the car was stolen. Second- they found a gun in the car along with some whiskey.  That doesn't sound THAT crazy... until you get to items number 3 and 4.

Third- they found a RATTLESNAKE in the back seat... and finally... they found some RADIOACTIVE URANIUM!!!!!!!!


Now, my question would immediately be... is this yours or the person who owns the car?  But as they say, possession is 9/10ths of the law...


It's going to be interesting finding out what exactly happens to these people.  Good Grief!!!  Good Luck.

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