This past weekend we traveled to Rochester, Mn. We used to live there, but there is always something changing.  We had a chance to go out one of the nights during all the other festivities that we were in town for... a wedding and just seeing friends that we hadn't seen in quite awhile.

Bitters and Pour was right across the street from where we were staying.  First of all, it's in a basement setting.  AND here's the super cool part about it... there is a riddle that you need to figure out in order to open the door. It's not a difficult riddle, but it's really a neat and creative idea.  Like you are back in prohibition times, and all of this is super hush-hush.

Laura Bradshaw

Once you are in the actual bar area, the drink menu is really unique.  Not anything that you are going to expect along with flavors you also will find amazingly interesting and different than the norm.  The names of the drinks are the first thing you will find interesting, along with the ingredients... from sweet, to super spicy (at least I thought so) to more of a bitter taste, and maybe a little dry...anything that you are into.  There is something for every palette.

If you are ever in the Rochester area... and I know many just think of the Mayo Clinic, stop in and check out many of the unique restaurants that are available in the area, along with Bitters and Pour. It's a must-see.