Zombie Skittles.  They are coming and will be ready for this coming Halloween. In fact... they will be showing up in stores sometime this month, Mostly they are just colored some crazy colors.. .but beware- there is one rotten flavor mixed in the bag of other regular flavors.

This strange take on a favorite will be competitively priced too...

According to the press release, the Share Size bags will retail for around $1.89, while you can pick up a Lay Down bag for $2.49 and a Fun Size for $2.99. They'll reportedly be available at grocery stores nationwide, including Target and Walmart.

Try 'em at your own risk!

This reminds me of that game with the jelly belly jelly beans that are in crazy flavors... bamboozled I think is the name of the game.  Like the barf bean.  No thank you.

Anyway, like it says... try at your own risk.  Happy Halloween!