As if Bono is strapped for cash...last year U2 hit the road and broke the record for the highest grossing world tour. Forbes Magazine reported in April of 2012 that U2 has a net worth of $838 million, and as of today (May 18) Bono will become the richest musician in the world due to an investment he made back in 2009.

Up until today Paul McCartney held the title of richest musician with a net worth of $1.05 billion, now Bono will dethrone McCartney when his fortune grows to $1.5 billion. Back in 2009 Bono's private equity firm Elevation Partners, made a smart investment in the popular social networking site Facebook, purchasing 2.3 percent of the shares for $90 million dollars. So today when Facebook's stock goes public, offering IPO, it will be one massive payday for the U2 frontman.

Wow...I really have nothing else to say.