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Baxter’s Attic The Scorpions The Zoo
Scorpions in the Attic this morning.  Interesting tidbit, Matthias Jabs, guitarist for the Scorpions, had just obtained his law degree back in the mid 70s.  One day he saw an ad for auditions for a guitarist.  Went, for the hell of it, and the rest is Scorpions history...
Baxter’s Attic, Alice Cooper Be My Lover (live)
I remember (kind of) going to the Crookston Armory in the early 70s to see Alice on his first major tour. I don't know if you've ever been to Crookston but there are about 6 roads into town and maybe one road out.  Anyway, a great show, so it's Alice Cooper in the Attic this morn…
Baxter’s Attic Steppenwolf Rock Me
An oldie but a goody from a band that sold 25 million records worldwide in their hay day, John Kay and Steppenwolf with "Rock Me" .  Footage from the Smother Brother's Show.

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