‘Star Wars’ For Kinect Game Review
We’re not sure whether the developers of ‘Kinect Star Wars’ actively hate George Lucas’s brainchild and sought to mock it mercilessly, or just don’t understand the appeal of lightsabers and Jedi knights and just threw something together in a crude attempt at sympathizing with the franchise’s fanat…
‘Angry Birds Space’ Review
Developer Rovio has spared no expense promoting the latest iteration of their billion dollar franchise since announcing Angry Birds Space last month. An aggressive marketing campaign, involving big names you don’t usually associate with video games (such as NASA and National Geograph…
Best Video Games of 2012 (So Far)
It’s no stretch to say that 2012 has some of the best video games of all time. While we still suffer from a glut of video games before the holidays and right at the end of every year, game publishers are finally starting to learn to spread the releases out a bit. Thanks to stiff competition the firs…
‘MLB 12: The Show’ Game Review
Like a grizzled veteran who rocks a shelf full of MVP trophies and is unthreatened by any up-and-comers on the farm system, ‘MLB 12: The Show‘ no longer has the eye of the tiger. Instead, it just coasts, does the awesome things you expect it to do and calls it a day.
Why You Shouldn’t Buy the New iPad
Everyone wants a shiny new thing. Especially when it's something as cool as an iPad. I've tinkered with one and they're really, really neat. They also cost a pretty penny and Apple just released the latest version and I WANT ONE, but I found some reasons to wait.
Tommy Bolin, ‘Savannah Woman’ – Song Review
The first taste of the new Tommy Bolin tribute CD, ‘Great Gypsy Soul,’ has arrived in the form of an updated version of his classic ‘Savannah Woman.’
The original track appeared on his solo debut ‘Teaser’ in 1975, and this recent take gives it a new life thanks to the additional guitar work of John S…
‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ Game Review
‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ reminds us of that bathtub scene in Billy Madison when Adam Sandler pits a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in a deathmatch. It’s nearly as ridiculous a proposition — and somehow just as fitting — to pit the two-dimension…

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