I would have to say be careful who you bring home especially on the first date.

Online dating services be careful when you use them, not that they're all bad but people can be who they want to be on the internet.

There are many to choose from, Match, UDate, E-Harmony etc... some are good some are bad. Do your research.

The Morning Sideshow recently learned that a woman was on a first date she had met from an online dating service and brought him home. She left him alone in her apartment for a moment and when she returned her Yorkshire Terrier and flat screen TV were gone.

The woman didn't really have a lot to go, in fact; she told police she only knew him as 'Joel', that was from the dating service.

The dog is valued at $4,000 and the Samsung a mere $3,000. All the dogs in my apartment complex are worth $4,000.

Funny thing, the man returned them both a few days later. Odd.

Gettin' some on the first date in this case was a dog and the TV.