As a typical guy, I try to avoid attending weddings whenever possible. Oh sure, receptions can be fun, but the ceremony itself is just not something I enjoy. But thanks to new research, you might be able to use must-attend weddings to your advantage. is reporting that 92% of women surveyed say that they get 'turned on' when they see a man crying at a wedding. And that's good news for most guys at the event, because 75% say they start looking for the single ladies as soon as they arrive. Just under half of they single ladies say they do the same.

1 in 10 men surveyed say that 'hooking up' is the main reason they even go to weddings. Only a quarter of the men in the survey admit to actually having let their tears roll at a wedding.

On a funny side note, 18% of the men in the survey say that they have attended the wedding of a woman they had previously had sex with. BFF.