If your wish is to be cremated after you die, don't have your ashes scattered or buried. There's something way cooler than you can do. 

Tear up your will and rewrite it right now because a company called And Vinyly will take your ashes and do something awesome with them.

Have your family send the ashes to And Vinyly and you can have them pressed into a vinyl record. The record is a fully functioning and playable album and you get to choose the cover art and the playlist. Stairway to Heaven? Highway to Hell? Knockin' on Heaven's Door? A recording of your own voice? The possibilities are endless! And the best part? The hissing, popping and clicking on the album? That's you!

The company is dead serious about it. They aren't picky so the ashes could be pet ashes or human cremains and And Vinyly says that, "Despite the site's lighthearted tone, all of our services are carried out with the utmost respect and care."

The cost is about $45 hundred dollars.

What Would Be on Your Posthumous Playlist?