Gordon Ramsey: He's a mean SOB. He's a cooking god. Ever since the first Hell's Kitchen episode, I am Gordon's #1 fan. And YES... in an Annie Wilkes way. If Sir Ramsey ever crashed his car near my remote mountain home, I would force him to not only cook every meal, but I would demand he demean me for my crappy soaking risotto.

The Swedish Chef: Pure genius. His recipes always a mystery. Mostly because we can't understand a damn thing that he says (unless you're like me; Swedish). He's the only Muppet perfectly suited for his profession, due to his horribly disfigured un-Muppetlike hands. I can only image the pain he endured as the other non-Swedish speaking children ridiculed him for his decidedly human paws.

Put them together in a fast-paced Iron Chef-like brawl in a food truck fair? Well played BuzzFeed. WELL PLAYED.

In a new series, called Muppisodes exclusively on BuzzFeed, we get to see the results of this epic struggle for supremacy . Watch it HERE.