Gregg Allman had a heart procedure on Friday that pushed his book tour back a week. Here's what they did, and what they found. 

According to Gregg Allman's Facebook page, he is OK and that everything "went well" and he is "feeling fine". Gregg is also extending his thanks and praise to his fans for all of the "kind wishes and positive energy" his way as he went through the procedure.

The test was actually related to Gregg's hernia surgery to find out if he has to undergo any more treatment for it. It doesn't say anything about what the test found, but it does say that his book tour for his new memoir, My Cross to Bear is expected to kick off on May 8. The tour was originally supposed to launch tomorrow, but was pushed back due to the cardiac testing. The book will be released in stores tomorrow, but you can read an excerpt from the book right now by clicking HERE.