If you are a smoker, you know how addictive it can be.  Tonight, I am being hypnotized in an effort to quit.  From what I understand, smoking is not good for you. All packs now have warning labels, however, my packs always say not to smoke if I'm pregnant.  What are the odds on that., So I smoke away.  Seriously, if you want to kick the habit, like I do, meet me at the Holiday Inn & Suites on 75 South and 37 Avenue, tonight at 8.  Hypnotist Mark Patrick will do his magic and, hopefully, I will wake up a non smoker.  So, join me tonight and let's all live some extra yeFOXars.  That will make some in my family very happy and some, well, not so happy but I'll try to find a new habit that will still annoy..I will keep you updated on my progress or lack of such.