Most music critics would attribute "Heavy Metal" to Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, but time has shown that Deep Purple has just as much influence on the Classic Metal sound as any.  The albums "Deep Purple In Rock", "Fireball", "Machine Head" and "Who Do We Think We Are" paved the way for the heavy blues-based Rock and Metal sound that would dominate the airwaves for many years.

And a sub-genre called Stoner Rock emerged in the 90's that owes much of their sound to Deep Purple as Black Sabbath.  If it hadn't been for several lineup changes and the departure of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore who knows how big Deep Purple would have become.  Still they remain one of the giants and are putting out new material to this day!

The 80's were fairly slim for the band, but one of the bright spots was "Perfect Strangers" that was a bit of a return to form for the band.  This is "Knockin' At Your Back Door".

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover talks about the new album coming in 2013

Deep Purple has had a profound effect on band across the world, particularly Sweden.  Bands like "The Quill" have kept the heavy blues-based rock and moved it into a more modern sound.