It's never a good sign when your getting a balloon animal made for your daughter at a great summertime event like Summertime By George, when you hear gunshots ring out one block away.  But that's just what happened to me last night.  

It seems that hearing about a shooting happening is becoming an everyday occurrence here in St. Cloud - something that we should not  take lightly.  Usually this has been happening later at night, so to hear gunshots in the early evening, around a park full of people and Police none the less, is a bit unnerving.

At least in this particular case nobody was actually shot.  From what the Police reported it sounds like shots were fired into the ground after an altercation.  In my eyes it makes no difference that nobody was actually shot, just the fact that there was a shooting is reason enough for me to keep my pistol at my side.

A lot of people these days are against the legal sale of guns and believe they should be illegal - in an effort to keep guns off the streets.  To those people I ask this question.  Do you actually believe that will prevent incidents like this from happening?  To those people (like myself), who believe in the Second Amendment, I ask this question.  Do you believe that if more people were trained and legally carried there would be less likelihood of violence, specifically gun violence?