It's been nearly a decade since we were awash in the grit, grime and blood spit out by the original Sin City. Now, in a flash of stark black and white, the tales and debauchery  of Dwight, Marv, Ava and Gail come crashing and slithering back, all wet and tired.

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez return to the helm, with Josh Brolin perfectly sliding into Dwight, replacing or rather pre-quelling Clive Owen's portrayal of our favorite bad, good guy.

In fact, save for Clive, most of the original cast will return in some form or another, as this story takes place BEFORE the first movie. Yeah, we know. One of THOSE.

It doesn't matter, because the feel, the smells, the damp guilty pleasures we all tugged at while watching the first one are by all accounts, back. Tenfold.

Sweet Jesus, look at Jessica Alba... O.M.G. Take my money now. I'll even pay for the Blu-Ray up front.