Sir Paul McCartney is reportedly performing as part of the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, but that doesn't mean he's happy about who's on the team.

I should say, he's furious about who's not on the team.

Paul McCartney said, "I thought first choice would be [David] Beckham because of his huge contribution to getting the Olympics. But you know, some idiot decided otherwise."

Ouch. That "idiot" is Stuart Pearce. He is the coach for Great Britain's Men's Soccer Team. Stuart called David Beckham "desperate" and explained that he chose the 18 men to play for the team for "football reasons" and not for "sentimentality or ticket sales."

Paul calls David a "national hero" and seeing as how Becks was a key part of bringing the Games to London, Paul adds that "It would've been great for him to lead out our British team."

David was "devastated" to learn Wednesday that he wasn't going to be part of the team.

I'm sad that he won't be part of it either even though I don't understand or like soccer. I remember David coming in on the double decker bus in Beijing in 2008 and kicking the soccer ball into the crowd as the Games were "handed off" to London.

The Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympic Games is July 27.