Really drivers of the two cars parked right next to me? It's 10pm on Sunday night in a fairly deserted store parking lot and I choose to park in a completely deserted area. I come out of the store 30 minutes later and find cars on both sides of mine and the rest of the parking lot is empty. Really?! So someone drove into this parking lot, clearly like a complete dumbass, and found it necessary to park right next to the only car in the lot? But wait, just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another dumbass out tonight in this same parking lot, here he comes and parks in the spot on the other side of my car. So I go back into the store, because I have to see what these morons look like, and ask the cashier if he could please page Dumb and Dumber to the service counter. The guy gives me a blank stare, so I leave.
They are out there people, keep an eye out for them. I mean Really!