I've been meaning to write this for awhile now and was reminded this past weekend while at a theatre. I usually try to avoid theaters. Especially if it's a new release. Too many people mostly make for an unpleasant movie experience.

Here are just a few "guidelines" so everyone involved has a more enjoyable viewing experience.

1) Common sense, turn off your cell phone and never ever answer, make a call or even text during the movie. It's very distracting to other people around you.

2) Arrive on time, you paid for an entire movie and it's disruptive to others.

3) NEVER talk once the movie has started. If you have to explain what's happening in the film to whoever you are with, then they are too stupid to be there. Walk immediately to the curb and put them in a cab. If you have a heart attack or some other medical emergency, do your best to stagger out into the lobby. Someone will help you there. Really, there's probably enough drama in the movie.

4)Try refrain from talking to the screen. Hard to believe, but the actors cannot hear you, really.

5) Chomping on popcorn with your mouth open is very noisy as is, unwrapping candy. Do this as quietly as possible. BTW, did you know that eating one large popcorn is like eating 4 Big Macs, just sayin'.

6)Try your best not to kick the seat in front of you. It's like kicking everyone in the entire row.

7) Last and certainly not least, when choosing a seat when there are many open, there is a rule, much like the "men's room urinal rule". Never sit right behind, right in front or right next to someone else. Leave at least one row between and 2 to 3 seats either side.

8) No high jinx unless it's the old "hole in the bottom of the popcorn box". That's just a classic.

9) Enjoy the movie.