Topic discussed on The Morning Sideshow with Mark and Jesse in regards to rooster testicles. It's no doubt an extreme food but would you eat them?

A man was stopped in New Zealand who flew in from Vietnam trying to import 4 pounds of rooster testicles.

He kept them in a small cooler along with some fish and other food.

The rooster testicles, which very much resemble  baked beans were destroyed by officials because of the risk of disease.

Rooster testicles are best known as chicken beans in the US, so if you should by chance see that on a menu, that's what you're getting.

Their appearance and texture is similar to tofu. according to the RevoltingFood blog there is a secret to cooking these yummy delights and that is to undercook them “so there’s still some liquid inside so that you feel the liquid squirt into your mouth when you bite down on it”.

Honestly my thoughts are I'm not crazy about any story of testicles that contain a sentence where “the liquid squirts into your mouth.”