Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg and Ted to Appear Together at 2013 Oscars
When Seth MacFarlane was announced as the host of the 2013 Oscars we wondered whether MacFarlane would bring some of his more famous characters to the big show. Well we won't have to wait until February 24 to find out. Star Mark Wahlberg confirmed that he and "Ted" will appear…
Mark Wahlberg Makes His Kids Watch His Tattoo Removal [VIDEO]
Mark Wahlberg is known for the tattoos he displayed on his shoulders and around his neck. But the actor feels like he has outgrown his ink, and had been getting his tattoos removed.
On "The Tonight Show," Wahlberg described the painful process as “like being burned with hot bacon grease.&q…
Movie Review: “The Fighter”
Boxer Kevin Key finds "The Fighter" to be a masterpiece with some of the most accurate and realistic fighting and training scenes ever filmed. Who knows -- you may see him in the theater watching the movie over again, and again during the holidays.