15% of People Wish They Had Married Someone Else
"It's a nice day for a white wedding..." According to a story in Daily Mail, one in ten people feel like they're stuck in a 'loveless' marriage, and 15% wish they had tied the knot with a different person altogether. And, that doesn't mean everyone else is …
Men Would Rather Marry Ugly Women?
Apparently, it's every man's secret dream to spend a few years having sex with supermodels . . . then find someone nice and homely to settle down with for good.  Who knew?
Why Guys Don’t Want To Get Married
The U.S. marriage rate is down 5% this year. In general, men don’t see marriage as being as important as they did even 15 years ago. According to, here’s a rundown of some big reasons men just don’t want to get married these days.
Is Ron Wood Engaged?
Just as the Rolling Stones are about to do four huge shows here in the states and with rumors swirling the group is headed out on a world tour to celebrate 50 years together, has Ron messed it up by possibly getting married?
Reasons Why Men Propose – According to Baxter And LQ
This morning on the show Baxter and I were discussing proposals. Scrutinizing how some men choose to make it very public, and pretty much judging every man who has ever said those four crazy words: "Will you marry me"?
We then proceeded to come up with our opinions on why men pop the questi…