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I can't think a better story teller than the one Mr. Harry Chapin and a perfect example is in the song, "W*O*L*D".

'Short Stories' LP, Wikipedia

The story behind the song tells us of an aging D.J. who pretty much is at the end of his illustrious career and and is on the phone with his ex-wife. A pretty sad song as it may be.

"W*O*L*D" is found on the Late Harry Chapin's 'Short Stories' album,released in 1973. Another great Chapin story is the song, "Cats In The Cradle" and a song that got him recognized, "Taxi."


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Let's have some fun and listen to the radio and watch TV through the music, "ah ah ah Don't Touch That Dial!"

Harry Chapin performing, "W*O*L*D":