It's finally happened. Some nut went and built a real working lightsaber. Now we're sued to seeing kids swinging that plastic light-up tube around in Target and we've seen the idiot frat boys on campus battling each other with battery-powered florescent lights (to disastrous results we might add), but this is a 100% step into the realm of George Lucas Disney's Star Wars.

Youtube user styropyro (a name that instills fear at the get-go), a self-proclaimed laser DIY guy, has posted a vid of his hand-crafted laser lightsaber, complete with destruction and incineration of random flammable items.

He says on the video:

Here my BEAST 3000mW blue laser goes up against a bunch of flammable stuff. Most things light INSTANTLY when placed in the beam of this laser! This is the most powerful handheld laser that I've ever used!

This laser uses the new 9mm 450nm laser diode and runs on two 18650 Li Ion batteries. The housing is a custom machined "Sirius" host. I usually try to refrain from using the term "lightsaber" when referring to my lasers but there really isn't much else out there to describe this laser.

To be honest I don't even like handheld lasers this strong, but I knew by subscribers would like this! This laser is legal to own in the US, and I wore goggles while shooting this video.

So apparently now you, too, can have an elegant weapon made for a more civilized age.