I love playing pranks on people, harmless one's of course, I find the humor of it all very exhilarating.I thought this mattress prank was up there close to the top of the list of worthwhile pranks.I recall some years back at a radio station I worked at where an employee asked me once just out of the blue if I had a piece of hard candy.

I said yes, see a weeks before I had bought some fish candy at a Spencer's gifts, initially when you start sucking on it it's tastes like cherry (it is wrapped in red cellophane), after a brief while it starts to smell like fish in the area and eventually tastes like rotten fish.

I gave her a piece, she did ask me if I smelled fish, I said "no", it worked out well because I was waiting for the right moment, needless to say; she chased me down the hall after the candy started to have a nasty taste and of course I told her what it was. I still think of it today.

Attached is a guy who dresses up as a mattress and scares the hell out of people as they walk by.: