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  • 1960's pop icon (and long time St. Cloud resident) Bobby Vee died this morning at the age of 73. Family members have confirmed that Vee suffered from Alzheimer's Disease since 2011, and was in hospice for a little over a year.
  • Metallica Fans: The 3rd single from their new album Hardwired.. To Self- Destruct will be released on Halloween! The song is called "Atlas, Rise!" and can be heard at 3:00PM ET on October 31st.
  • Brian May of Queen has cancelled all his remaining 2016 plans due to a "persistent sickness". According to a post on his website, this includes cancelling his annual December candlelight concerts with Kerry Ellis.
  • Some members of the Swedish Academy don't think it's very nice of Bob Dylan to ignore his Nobel Prize in Literature. One member said it was "impolite and arrogant", but the Academy has said that that is only the view of that one member, and not the opinion of the entire organization.

Doesn't the Swedish Academy know that Bob is always indifferent? I'm sure his "lack of acknowledgement" is nothing personal against getting the Nobel Prize.

SOURCE: Ultimate Classic Rock