Daniel Tosh has been making us bust a  gut with LOL's for three seasons now, and as long as there are total drunks who run video, lovable rednecks who run video, dope fiends who run video and idiot teenagers who run video, there will be TOSH.O on Comedy Central.

Now granted some hosts come and go, and Daniel has said many times, albeit tongue-in-cheek, that he hates his own show and can't wait for it to be cancelled or for Comedy Central to replace him.  Of course, we know that's not going to happen. The show is just too damn good!

But Daniel plans for every eventuality, even going so far as to have auditions for show host. He's been holding online auditions since the middle of season 3 and in tomorrow's (Tuesday Jan 31) season 4 premiere, he'll reveal the winner.

Of the hundreds of entries, we've found one that stands above the rest, and oddly enough it was just featured on his blog. In the video audition below, a woman named Abbey Wilson went to the Nth degree to get the gig. She created her own min-version of the show... and it's actually almost as funny as the real thing.