King of the World. That's what I call Bono. If we could elect a King, he'd surely be in the running. He a tireless philanthropist, unending in his search for the good in all mankind, and he can write a pretty damn good song when he's in his little rock group called U2.

BUT. He wasn't ALWAYS Leader of Terra.  He once was just a scrawny lying teenager. And they weren't always called U2.

True Story.

According to a recent article in Rolling Stone; Bono and boys LIED to get on an Irish TV show called Youngline back in the good old days (well ok 1978). The story goes that the producer of the TV show saw them playing a Ramones tune at a rehearsal and asked them on the show to play the song. They agreed, but before the curtain came up on their first ever TV gig, they had kicked out a member of the band, decided to play their own original song called Street Mission, and changed their name to U2.

And yes, dammit. it's pretty good for 1979.