Webster’s Dictionary basically defines a hypocrite as someone who says one thing, but does another. In my dictionary, if you look up the word hypocrite, next to it is a picture of Colorado Avalanche’s Defender Erik Johnson. 

The Minnesota Wild’s Matt Cooke is a rough and tumble kind of guy. We knew this when we signed him, even though he said he was trying to turn over a new leaf. I was excited when we signed Cooke because we needed a good enforcer. I’m not defending a deliberate knee on knee hit that netted Cooke a seven game suspension. What I have a problem with is Erik Johnson pummeling Zach Parise in the head and then grabbing him by the helmet and body slamming him onto the ice and then turning around after the Tyson Barrie/Matt Cooke dust up, telling the media that Cooke is "disgusting" and saying that the way Cooke plays and the hit on Barrie is "sickening". Shut. Up.

He's upset about the hit on Barrie, I get that, but what upsets me the most is that Johnson blasts Cooke for the hit after pounding the snot out of one of our best guys. It’s called revenge, you pansy.

Johnson is lucky Cooke is suspended for the remainder of the series; otherwise his ass would be grass.

Kyle Brodziak will be on the ice tonight in place of Matt Cooke for game four of the Stanley Cup Playoff Series. The Avalanche lead two games to one.